International School Suva

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International School Suva (ISS) offers and scholarships, partial and full, to outstanding students resident in Fiji. The scholarship is aimed at students with demonstrated high academic potential, personal integrity and a commitment to service.

For over 20 years, ISS has given scholarships to the children of Fiji. The scholarships provide an opportunity for local students to learn in the multi-cultural environment which makes up International School Suva. ISS offers not only an excellent education but also a caring and nurturing environment for young people.

The senior school programme at ISS is both exciting and rigorous and it prepares students for tertiary education both locally and overseas.

Who can apply?

All students resident in Fiji and currently undertaking Year 11 or 12 studies.  Please refer to the section on admission on this website as enrolment at ISS into any year level is based on age.  Students younger than the stated age required for admission will not be considered, irrespective of the current level of studies being undertaken at a Fiji school.

How to apply?

Applications are accepted from July 1st every year and close on July 31st.  Students can apply for scholarships in either Year 11 or 12 at ISS which will start in January of the following year.  Applicants can download the application form here. When submitting an application form, please attach the most recent school report, a passport sized photograph and a certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate or a copy of the front page of a current passport. Suitable applicants will be invited for academic testing and interview, after which offers are made. 

For more information call 3393 300 or email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2016 ISS Scholarship Recipients

(L-R)  Rahil Prasad, Anaseini Hurstel, Carena Zhong, Yehwan Kim 

Rahil Prasad - Year 11 -  “ISS provides a multi-racial environment, and I found that it has taught me alot about being open-minded and mature. I love the curriculum ISS offers and I am thankful to ISS for giving me this wonderful opportunity”

(2015 – Rampur College)

Anaseini Hurstel - Year 11 - “In my few weeks here , I have met some good challenges that has molded me to become an International thinker. The opportunities  and the curriculum available here  cannot be found anywhere else in Fiji. I am indeed greatful to ISS for this opportunity.”  

(2015 – Suva Grammar School) 

Carena Zhong - Year 11  - “I would like to further my education abroad and am thankful for this opportunity to study IB as it is not available locally.  I love the International Diversity and have felt welcomed from day 1.

(2015 – Yat Sen Secondary School)

Yehwan Kim - Year 11  - “ ISS provides a great curriculum, and receiving this scholarship has motivated me to do my best. I love how the school encourages us to be critical thinkers and global citizens. Thank you ISS for giving me this opportunity”  

(2015 –  Marist Brothers High School)

2015 ISS Scholarship Recipients

(L - R)  Kelvin Liao (Yr. 11),   Sahil Kumar (Yr. 12),  Celeste Kado (Yr 11)

Kelvin Liao - “ISS motivates me to become the best that I can be, trying my best to overcome

all my obstacles and the curriculum ISS provides does just that.”

(2014 - Yatsen Secondary School)

Sahil Kumar - “I believe that ISS is the best platform for Universities abroad.  In addition, being

amongst a diverse culture of students in ISS, motivates me to work towards my goal.”

(2014 - Gospel High School)

Celeste Kado - “I really love how ISS encourages students to be well rounded and global

minded and I feel that it has brought out the best in me.”

(2014 - Yatsen Secondary School)

2014 ISS Scholarship Recipients

(L-R) Aninda Saha, Debanjan Dhar, Vindula Fernando, Ickbum Kim

Ickbum Kim – Year 11
First year in ISS.

 2013 – Jai Narayan College

“Coming to ISS means that I can sit the IB Exams which is the door way  to further studies abroad.  

I love the  diverse Courses offered at ISS and have found that there is a great multi-racial environment.”

Vindula Fernando – Year 11

First year in ISS.

 2013 – Gospel High School.

 “ISS Provides great opportunities for further studies abroad.  I am enjoying the freedom of expression

between the teachers and students.  I love the multi-racial environment and have settled in perfectly”  

Debanjan Dhar – Year 11

First year in ISS.

2013 – Yat Sen Secondary School

“I would like to attend University abroad and am thankful for this opportunity to study IB.  I love the

International Diversity and have felt welcomed from day 1.

Aninda Saha– Year 11

First year in ISS.

2013 –  Yat Sen Secondary School

“IB for me is the stepping stone to tertiary studies abroad, I love the ISS curriculum , the critical

thinking courses especially has helped me to think outside the box. This will be a challenging year

and I am already enjoying it.” 

2013 ISS Scholarship Recipients

 L-R  - Rachael Nath, Jisu Kim, Avishay Prasad, Magdalena Ramoala.

Rachael Nath – Year 11

Second year in ISS

2012 Gospel High School

“I love the ISS curriculum, especially the IB Program and the students and teachers’ open mindedness”  
2015 - Racael Nath is currently working part time at Fiji Sun and is studying in the University of the South Pacific - Double Degree Journalism/Politics

Jisu Kim – Year 11

Second year in ISS

2012 Yat Sen Secondary School

“ISS provides students with a lot of opportunities, the competition is high and the curriculum is great.”

2015 - Jisu Kim will be traveling to the United States of America to attend Uni in 2016, She is currently in Korea studying Art.

Avishay Prasad – Year 12

Graduate 2013

2012  Rishikul Sanatan College

“Being at ISS for one year changed my whole outlook to life, the opportunities and the resources available was just what I needed.   I love the Multi-racial environment and have made great friends.” Avishay Prasad is currently at the University of the South Pacific studying Law & Psychology - Double Major

Magdalena Ramoala – Year 12

Graduate 2013

2012  St Joseph’s Secondary School

“ISS provides great opportunities for further studies abroad and prepares you for the tertiary life. I love that the teacher/student ratio is 1 to 15, which helps us learn better. I also love the multi-racial community.” Magdalena Ramoala is studying Law and Economics at the University of the South Pacific. 

Teriki Sai, IB Diploma

Graduate, 2012

Teriki Sai was a Form 5 student of Marist Brothers High School in 2010 when he applied for the ISS IB scholarship. He graduated with his IB Diploma in 2012 and is currently taking a break from studying and is working at Vodaphone Fiji.

Sudeshna Dhar

IB Diploma Graduate, Deputy Head student and Dux, 2011

Sudeshna Dhar is currently at McMaster University in Hamilton Canada, studying Life Sciences and majoring in Molecular Biology and Genetics. She ran for the Hall Representative position for her building in McMaster's Inter-Residence Council and won the election. Sudeshna writes:
“At the end of last semester, I applied for a research position under my favourite professor here, and I even made it through two shortlists, one for an interview and another for a lab skills demonstration, but unfortunately didn't make it to the final selection. It was tough, especially competing with upper year students; I'm happy I made it as far as I did. I even realized that I had more practical experience than some of the second year students that applied because of having done the IB. I'm so lucky I had the chance to complete the Diploma at ISS; it's opened up so many opportunities, and I learned so much from it that I can apply to the real world. The professor did encourage me to apply again next year, and I definitely will!”

Suhailah Ali

IB Diploma Graduate, Deputy Head Student and Dux, 2010

Suhailah Ali is from Fiji and is currently pursuing a degree in Biological Science at the University of East Anglia in England.

Drue Slatter

IB Diploma Graduate and Head Student, 2010

Drue Slatter lives in Fiji and was a Form 5 student of Cuvu College when she applied for the ISS IB scholarship. Drue is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism at the University of the South Pacific and working part-time at MaiLifemagazine. Drue was the Westpac Women’s Education Grant2011 recipient and winner of Miss Hibiscus in 2012.

Jioji Konusi

IB Diploma Graduate 2010, Head Student 2010

Jioji Konusi was awarded an IB Scholarship to ISS in 2009 when he was a student of Marist Brothers High School.  He later became the Head Student in 2010.  “I think that the best thing about my experience at ISS is that it challenges a person to become the best that they can be with the range of subjects that they offer and the rigorous academic schedule that they place on their students.  There is also a wide variety of extra-curricular activities (drama, MUN, sports) that engages students outside of the classroom and expands their experience, so that they are not only isolated to a classroom environment but have a chance to broaden their perspectives and to try something new.  Overall, it does provide a very good foundation for a student's future academic and professional career which will help them to cope with the realistic expectations of whichever industry they choose to work in.” After leaving ISS, he enrolled at the University of Auckland where he is currently pursuing a BCom/LLB degree.  Jioji is also doing voluntary work as an assistant accounts clerk at a nearby church.   “I am aiming to get my CA qualification as well as my qualifications for the Bar after I complete my degree."

Nicollette Rhyannion Goulding

IB Diploma Graduate 2007 - 2008

A scholarship Student who joined ISS from St. Joseph Secondary School in  2007 – 2008.  Since leaving ISS, Nicollette has attained a BSc in Environmental Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Climate Change from the University of the South Pacific. She currently works for a regional organisation - Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC- GIZ) as a Climate Change & Gender Intern and is part time  pursuing a Masters of Arts in Diplomacy & International Affairs.  She enjoys the challenges of  her work and the change from science to social science however her goal is to obtain a Masters in Science when she completes her Masters in Arts.  “I value and treasure the 2 years I spent at ISS and this invaluable experience and exposure has definitely helped define the person that I am today particularly with my outlook towards academia and deals towards striving for excellence in all that I do.  The compulsory CAS (Creativity, Action & Service) towards the IB Diploma experience at ISS has also somewhat guided me in that I avail myself more for community work and being of service to others”

Furqan Nusair

IB Diploma Graduate, 2006

Furqan Nusair is in his final year of completing a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) degree from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Nikolas Roche

IB Diploma Graduate, 2004

Nikolas Roche lives in the USA and recently completed a Master’s in Health Physics which deals with radiation protection from Colorado State University. He is currently working as a Health Physicist at the Uranium Mine in Wyoming, USA.

 Mere Nailatikau

IB Diploma Graduate, Head Student and Dux, 2002

Merewalesi Nailatikau lives in Fiji, where she is a Post-Graduate student in Development Studies at the University of the South Pacific. She was appointed in February 2011 as a Goodwill Ambassador for Children

at UNICEF. She has been named Miss Fiji and Miss South Pacific, and has used her platform to be an advocate for children and for solving the climate crisis. She has used her communication skills to assist numerous non-governmental organizations and international advocacy groups.